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At Summit Wealth Group, we understand that individuals, families, and business owners all face unique challenges and opportunities throughout their financial journey. Whether you are preparing for retirement, saving for college, going through a life transition, or implementing an estate strategy, our personalized service focuses on your needs and objectives. In addition, our network of accountants, estate planning attorney and independent insurance agents work in harmony with the Summit team to help your business and personal objectives work together more cohesively. 

Our team of financial advisors, financial planners and subject-matter-experts can address your needs of today and for many years to come. We look forward to working with you through any stage of life.

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Planning-First Approach

At Summit, everything starts with a plan. We first establish the direction that fits your plan, then we hit the ground running. We have staff members who are 100 percent dedicated to financial planning.

Fee for Service

In the financial services industry, it is uncommon to find a firm that will accept clients without requiring management over a certain number of assets as well. But what about the folks who have not yet built up their net worth? We believe they should also have access to high level financial planning, and our financial planning-only consulting service provides just that.

Subject Matter Experts

The foundation our company was built on the concept of providing an exceptional client experience, and our team is assembled with this at the forefront. While most advisory firms have two advisors per one support staff, we average two support staff for every one advisor. Our in-house subject matter experts provide guidance that spans throughout all areas of financial services.

Investment Options

We are an independent advisory firm, under independent broker-dealer, Commonwealth Financial Network. This partnership means you have access to a wide array of investment options and our advisors can offer them free from any conflict of interest or pressure from sales quotas.


We are not interested in selling you products, we are in the business of helping you achieve your desired lifestyle. To align our company vision and our client needs, each of our advisors are fiduciaries, which is a term meaning we have a legal obligation to act in your best interest.

Relationship Focused

We strive to address your needs of today, and for many years to come. We often find throughout the years our clients become some of our closest friends. Together we work through all of life's challenges and opportunities, helping you navigate it financially.

Video Series - Reach Your Summit

Video Series - Reach Your Summit

Check out our most recent video series titled "Reach Your Summit". It is a series of inspiring videos featuring people within the Summit Wealth Group family who have recently reached a life goal.

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Contact one of our branch offices to begin the journey towards your Summit!

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Not Located Near a Summit Office?

Not Located Near a Summit Office?

We have clients located throughout the United States, and even in other countries. While we always enjoy meeting in person, we understand it is often not possible or convenient. Thanks to technology, we have the capability to use web-based video conferencing to meet with you from the comfort of your own home!

Benefits of meeting with a Summit Financial Advisor remotely:

  • Time: Save travel time and costs
  • Convenience: Conference multiple people from any location onto the same call (spouse, kids, parents)
  • Service: Take full advantage of the services Summit offers from anywhere in the country
  • Security: Share confidential information securely through our secured portals
  • Relationship: Experience the relationship and trust-building process with your advisor through face-to-face interaction

About Summit Wealth Group

For Individuals

We are a team of financial advisors, CFPs®, planners, and administrative professionals headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colo., with branch offices located around the country. We provide the level of care and attention of a neighborhood family financial advisor, but with the resources of a large firm.

When you sign on with Summit Wealth Group, even though you will meet regularly with one financial advisor, you are joining an overall client experience provided by an entire team of individuals -- all working together to serve you. 

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For Business Owners

Our business owner clients come from a variety of industries and backgrounds, they are in various stages of their business growth and have different sets of goals in mind. One thing all of our business owner clients have in common? They wear a lot of hats. At Summit, we take on many of the responsibilities one might delegate to a Chief Financial Officer so you have one less hat you are required to wear. Watch the following video to find out more:

Understanding Your Risk Tolerance

Understanding Your Risk Tolerance

When it comes to creating an investment strategy, it’s important to realize that every person has unique, deeply personal objectives, goals, expectations, and risk levels. We believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach when building an investment strategy.

Complete this questionnaire to begin your complimentary consultation. At the end of the questionnaire, you will be assigned a risk score which we will analyze and follow up with a phone call to discuss!

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The Summit blog is updated regularly, providing you with valuable, relevant content to apply to your financial journey. 

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Free Consultation

If you are new to Summit, we would love the chance to meet you. During a preliminary 30-minute phone call, you’ll have the chance to meet an advisor, and tell us about your financial goals and aspirations. From there, we can begin to identify how our services can benefit you best.

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