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Ruth Hernandez

Ruth Hernandez

Financial Advisor

Ruth Hernandez is a Wealth Advisor and joined Summit Wealth Group’s Scottsdale office in January of 2020. She is on a mission to close the wealth gap between first- and second-generation families and business owners who work hard to achieve the American Dream. She helps people develop and carry out their customized financial plan based on their values and goals. Ruth specializes in working with small business owners in developing strategies to grow financially and protect their business. 

In 2014, Ruth graduated with a double bachelor’s in business administration with a concentration in finance and international business. In early 2015, she decided to apply for a firm in Los Angeles and has successfully grown her practice in 7 states since. 

Growing up with a single mother, Ruth truly values hard work and believes that everyone is capable of saving for retirement, planning for their children’s education, purchasing a home, starting a business, providing benefits to employees, and most importantly making better financial decisions.

Ruth was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. She then lived in Los Angeles for four years and now resides in Scottsdale. She has two dogs, a pug named Zeus and a yorkie named Mylo. She enjoys spending family time with her mom and dogs. During the holidays Ruth goes to visit family in Texas and Mexico. She loves to travel to new places and try new foods. Her grandfather was one of the first Hispanics who served as councilman in Crystal City, Texas to fight for Latino rights which drives Ruth to be involved in the Latino community, as well. Currently, she serves on the Board of Directors for the first Hispanic Rotary Club in Phoenix.