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Summit Wealth Group

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Our Story

Summit Wealth Group’s inception dates back to 1985 when CEO, Randy Morris, founded Executive Financial Planning, Inc. (EFP) with a desire to provide independent, customized advice to clients with a financial planning emphasis.

Over the course of the next 17 years, EFP grew to become one of the largest independent financial advisory firms in the nation. The formation of Summit Wealth Group in the fall of 2002 was a deepening of that initial vision.

Since establishing our headquarters in Colorado Springs, our focus has been on expanding our reach into other parts of the country. Today, Summit Wealth Group is located in 4 different states with 7 total branch offices. In addition, Summit owns a tax and accounting firm, Summit Accounting Solutions, which allows us to provide more comprehensive financial planning to our clients.

Our Values

Our core values include:

Excellent Client Experience

  • Passionately pursue excellence
  • Provide an exceptional client experience

Teamwork and Growth

  • Build positive team and family spirit
  • Committed to financial health of our clients, team and company
  • Pursue personal and professional growth and development

Ownership and Accountability

  • Accountability: ownership in what we say, do and how we act

Intentional Relationship

  • Demonstrate godly character through humility and respect
  • Nurture client trust with empathy and integrity
  • Develop long term relationships with our clients & the SWG family
  • Committed to listening and communication skills

Summit Wealth Group's Faith-Based Roots

A question we receive from time to time is whether or not Summit is a faith-based company. The leaders of Summit founded the company on Christian principles and there is no doubt about it, our company culture and core beliefs are infused with biblical values.

However, we welcome clients, employees, and advisors of all religions, cultures, ethnicities or backgrounds. We embrace and celebrate the many diverse backgrounds and religions represented within our company and would never discriminate against or alienate those with differing beliefs.

Our Philosophy

At Summit Wealth Group, we talk a lot about your dreams. After all, it is your dreams that can help bring fulfillment in life. So what are your dreams? Do you wish to travel, have more time to spend with family, leave a lasting legacy, give to charities, have a comfortable retirement?

We believe through a carefully constructed and accountability-based implementation of the plan, utilizing our team-based approach we can help our clients realize their dreams. In fact, Summit Wealth Group exists so our clients can devote their time and energy to pursuing and appreciating life. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to be your trusted financial team of professionals with experience, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our Purpose

Helping you navigate the path to a better, more secure future.