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Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Summit Wealth Group serves a wide range of clients. And, although our clients’ needs vary, they all share the same end-result: the ability to pursue tomorrow’s goals by coordinating and managing today’s financial decisions.

Our clients include:

  • Individuals who are seeking financial contentment
  • Individuals who are accumulating wealth
  • Individuals nearing or in retirement
  • Business owners and private practitioners
  • Professionals and corporate executives

How We Benefit You

Our clients turn to us because of the value of our services in all areas of their financial journey.

We offer a comprehensive, team-based approach to wealth management and financial planning. And, even though your primary contact is your advisor, we have an entire team of professionals who work tirelessly behind the scenes. Our team includes:

  • Financial advisors
  • Financial planning professionals
  • CPAs
  • Tax professionals
  • Insurance professionals
  • An investment committee
  • Administrative professionals

From the moment you step into one of our offices, our team is dedicated to providing you with an exceptional, comprehensive client experience.


Summit is one of the largest truly independent financial advisory firms in the country. As an independent financial advisory firm, we are able to sit on the same side of the table as our clients. We can make recommendations without a bank, wire house or insurance company influencing our decisions.


The word "fiduciary" is defined as an individual who has the legal responsibility for managing someone else’s assets. A fiduciary is required by law to act in the best interests of his or her client while managing assets. At Summit, our personal conviction has always been to place our clients' values and interests ahead of our own; we strive to be your best advocate.


Our team of financial advisors, financial planning professionals, tax professionals, accounting professionals, and planning team members work together to provide holistic financial planning and wealth management -- completely tailored to your unique situation.

Our Fees

Our fees vary depending on the type of services you may need, but rest assured, we are the opposite of the high-pressure salesman disguised as a financial advisor. We will never make a recommendation if we don't fully believe it is in your best interest. We win when you win.

The First 100 Days

How It Works

We believe the key to any great relationship is setting the right expectations from the beginning. Our First 100 Days process is an opportunity for our advisor-client relationship to get started on the right foot. During this time, we get to know you, determine what your financial goals are, and start building the foundation for your financial plan so you can get started on your journey toward the Summit.

For more information about our First 100 Days process, watch the video above.

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