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Our Clients

Summit Wealth Group serves a wide range of clients. They come from all walks of life and have differing needs. However, they share in the realization that by coordinating and managing today's financial decisions, they can pursue tomorrow's goals.

Our clients are individuals and businesses that expect excellence and have made a firm commitment to attaining this goal. For the most part, they are not interested in managing their financial affairs on a daily basis, but rather, desire to simplify their lives and are willing to enter into a long-term relationship that is mutually beneficial. Because they see the value in independent advice, they are highly motivated to work with a personal financial advisor, not a sales representative.

Many of the clients we proudly serve are:

  • Individuals who are seeking financial contentment
  • Individuals who are accumulating wealth
  • Individuals nearing or in retirement
  • Business owners and private practitioners
  • Professionals and corporate executives


We offer something very unique in our industry: a team-based approach to wealth management and financial planning. Though your primary contact is your advisor, we actually have an entire team of experts who work behind the scenes. This includes financial planning professionals, an investment committee, CPAs / tax experts, insurance experts, as well as staff dedicated to planning client events, communication and service, ensuring you receive an excellent client experience from the very first time you step foot in one of our offices.


We are team focused. Summit Wealth Group is unique in that our team of financial advisors, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professionals , tax professionals, accounting professionals and planning team, all work together to provide holistic financial planning and wealth management completely tailored to your unique situation. 

We are independent. In fact, Summit is one of the largest truly independent financial advisory firms in the country. As an independent financial advisory firm, we can make recommendations in a way that allows us to sit on the same side of the table as our clients without a bank, wire house, insurance company or some impersonal wall street firm influencing our decisions.

We act as fiduciaries. The word "fiduciary" is simply a term which means an individual who has the legal responsibility for managing someone else’s money.  A fiduciary is required by law to act in the best interests of his or her client.  At Summit, our personal conviction has always been to place our clients' values and interests ahead of our own; we truly strive to be your best advocates. 

We are headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO and have branch offices in 4 states and 7 cities: Lakewood, CO, Lone Tree, COMadison, MSMemphis, TN, Meridian, MS, and Scottsdale, AZ, making it possible for us to serve clients anywhere in the country. 


We offer comprehensive financial planning, portfolio management and tax planning, preparation and minimization strategies. 

Financial Planning

Our comprehensive planning process involves sitting down with you, establishing your unique financial goals and creating custom-tailored financial strategies to help you pursue them.

We offer 3 levels of financial planning depending on your financial goals and the complexity of your financial situation. We can walk you through a comprehensive process for managing your financial life and creating a long-term plan fitted to your needs. The process starts by examining some of the many complex areas of wealth management:

  • Accumulation: how to target asset growth
  • Risk management: how to protect your assets
  • Taxation: how to minimize your tax burden
  • Business planning: how to grow and manage your business
  • Retirement planning: how to target distribution of your assets in a tax-advantaged way
  • Estate planning: how to preserve your assets

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management involves taking your retirement nest egg, your IRAs, your savings or investment accounts, and managing these accounts in a way that will put you in the best position to reach your financial goals while minimizing risk, based on your financial plan. It goes hand in hand with our planning process. 

Tax Preparation and Minimization Strategies

Our CPAs on staff work directly alongside our financial advisors to help complete the process of holistic financial planning. This is unique to Summit as most financial advisors refer tax prep and planning to outside firms. In our view, having your financial advisor and tax accountant working side by side is of critical importance in order to fully understand how to guide you through life's many complex financial challenges.


Our fee-based approached to financial services allows us to sit on the same side of the table as our clients. Our fees vary depending on the types of services you may need but, rest assured, we are the opposite of the high-pressured salesman disguised as a financial advisor. We will never recommend a product to you if we don't fully believe it is in your best interest. We win when you win. 

We want you to be completely confident in the value you are receiving by choosing to do business with Summit Wealth Group. This is why we provide an initial complimentary consultation, to better understand what your financial goals are, and if we are in the best position to help you get there. In these meetings, we are very upfront about our fees should you choose to move forward. 

To schedule a complimentary, private consultation to determine if our services are suited to your needs, please contact us by e-mail at [email protected] or by calling us at 877-320-0379.