7 Habits of Affluent People

7 Habits of Affluent People

May 14, 2021

You can learn a lot about the way a person spends their free time. Whether it is being with family, fishing out on the lake, taking a trip to the beach house, hitting the golf course — the way a person chooses to spend their free time can reveal a lot about their priorities, their passions, their interests — even their character.

Today we’ll look at some of the common ways affluent people spend their weekends.

First, we should address something you might be wondering: Why is this important?

In most cases, wealth isn’t something that happens by chance, it is the product of a lifestyle built with intention, passion, drive, determination and motivation. Unless you win the lottery or receive a large inheritance, for most people there is no shortcut to wealth. However, when we see common traits among those who have carved their own path to wealth, it indicates there might be something to it. In other words, we don't have a shortcut, but we do have a blueprint we can follow on our journey towards wealth, and it starts with how we spend our time.

1. They don’t work much overtime

It might seem strange on the surface to say that successful people don’t work longer than others, but it’s true.

People have a misconception that working more hours gives you a higher likelihood for success. One study shows that productivity declines sharply past 50 hours of work in a week, and is so low after 55 hours, you might as well not even be working. Once you’ve hit that wall, it is time to recharge.

Being able to turn off the computer and the phone and allowing yourself time to unplug and de-stress is vital for gaining the type of drive and energy you need to come back strong on Monday morning. 

2. Okay, they work a little overtime

While the first point stands true, in reality it isn’t always realistic to expect people (especially business owners) to completely unplug from 5pm on Friday until 8am Monday morning. Urgent matters concerning the business, or opportunities might arise and successful people know how to identify what can wait and what shouldn't wait until Monday morning. 

There may be nothing wrong with checking email for an hour in the evenings after dinner if it doesn’t interfere with family time, a date with your spouse or any other plans. The key is in finding a balance that works for you, to keep your spirits high, to catch up on rest and feel energized going into the next workweek.

3. They get up at the same time every morning

Successful people manage their time wisely. Time is valuable and people that understand this know that getting up at the same time each day is key to maintaining energy and not wasting time by oversleeping.

In many peer reviewed articles on the topic of success, you will find a lot of focus on what time you should get up each morning to make it a successful day. 

In a recent article by Inc. Magazine, it turns out when people say "I'm a morning person" or "I'm a night owl", that actually has scientific validity. If you are wired to be more productive at night rather than morning or vice versa, you shouldn’t try and fight that. You are more likely to find success by working during the times you know you are productive.

By knowing your circadian rhythm and following the same morning routine, you are more likely to be a highly productive person and productivity is one of the foundations to building wealth.

4. They engage in a passion or hobby outside of work

What are your passions? What are your hobbies? Engaging in an activity you enjoy is ideal for being able to refocus and recharge, breaking free from the stresses of the work week.

5. They exercise

The positive effects that exercise has on both the mind and body is well known and well documented. So, it should be no surprise that one of the underlying characteristics of affluent individuals is a tendency to exercise on a regular basis. 

6. They read for fun

Reading allows your mind to focus on things other than work, but it also stimulates your creativity and can help you embrace new ideas and new perspectives, all very important for personal development, growth and transformation.  People who are not locked into a certain way of doing things but embrace new ideas and aspire to become the best version of themselves find ways to become more efficient, more effective and more productive. This is a wealth-building mindset.

7. They spend time with family

Elon Musk spends his weekends with his sons, Bill Gates watches his daughter ride horses. Mark Cuban spends his Saturdays exercising in the morning and hanging out with the family at night. If these people — famous for their wealth — can make spending time with their families a priority, there might be something to it.

Just maybe the time spent with the ones you love most is necessary to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. As humans, our natural desire for relationships, and many have found the key to their success is in the time and commitment they share with their loved ones.