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Lessons About Investing from Flying

Lessons About Investing from Flying

June 01, 2023

Recent travels remind me that there are so many similarities in how the world operates. From being a passenger to an investor, these to-dos and don’ts are interchangeable:

  • Secure your mask before helping others - you shouldn’t be saving for your kid’s college if you haven’t started investing for yourself
  • Be patient and kind to your flight crew - these folks are committed to helping you arrive safely to your destination- same as your dedicated fiduciary financial advisor team.
  • Fasten your safety belt and don’t stand up when you hit volatility - we have all seen how hard it is to stay in the markets when volatility hits. Don’t jump when things are scary.
  • Say a prayer of thanks - because you have a flight crew helping you expertly navigate to your destination and a fiduciary financial advisor doing the same with your financial future.

Remember that fear and faith are bad bedfellows. Whatever it is that keeps you awake at night will eventually pass. We get stronger each time we deal with adversity. God is good and always has our back.

Until next time,