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Kurt Whitesell: The Challenges of Today

Kurt Whitesell: The Challenges of Today

January 18, 2023

Today's blog post contributor is Kurt Whitesell, Senior Advisor from Summit's Rapid City, SD branch.

When I read the world and national news, I find my attitude being manipulated by mainstream media and the hopelessness of the world. SCREECH!!!!! Hold on a minute!!

What can be so terrible? Aren’t there two sides to every story?

How can one function when there is so much bad in the world? Alarming suicide rates, teachers shortages, supply chain shortages, kids and parents who don’t think they have to work even when they’re behind on their bills! The list goes on, and it is easier to state the problem than find the solution.

Spend some quiet time to think and set goals and timelines. Writing down your plans will solidify your thoughts. Much like traveling to another country, living a fulfilling life should be planned. Seeking advice from people who have experience in what you’re wishing to do is a good idea.

Just as muscles grow when there is resistance, so do people. There is something wrong when we expect the same results and haven’t put forth the same effort. When you work hard (and smart), you will be rewarded proportionately. After all, when is the last time you got heat from a campfire before gathering the wood and lighting it?

I am grateful for the blessings of reasonable people who understand these principles. For those who expect something for nothing, the road will be filled with disappointment and unhappiness.

Praying, setting goals, trusting in God, and working consistently with our goals in mind, have worked for me. In every challenge is opportunity!

Until next time,