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Why do You Have to Work, Poppy?

Why do You Have to Work, Poppy?

July 26, 2016

Amazing how questions from a 6 year old can grab your attention. 

We are spending some of our summer in the woods outside of Durango, Colorado.  We purchased this “40-acre-slice-of-heaven” about 5 years ago.  Nancy and I envisioned an opportunity for our family and friends to create lasting memories in a location where TV, streaming movies and a big city were hundreds of miles away.  Gamble oaks, pine trees and several hundred aspen trees cover this property and there is a “seasonal creek” running through the middle of it.  It’s not unusual for us to spot wildlife on a daily basis: we had three deer visit us during breakfast a few days ago.  Scottsdale seems a long ways away. 

This week we are being visited by our daughter-in-law as well as our two grandchildren.  Our daily jaunts through the forest and meadows are highlights for me.  Yesterday, Abby (our 6 year old granddaughter) asked me to take her up to the cabin to swing.  As we approached the swing, which is hung on what must be a 100-year-old oak, she asked me “Why do you have to work, Poppy?”  My immediate answer to her was twofold:  “People need me and I need to help people”. 

I’ve been reflecting on Abby’s question and my answer.  For 34 years I have loved my profession.  I feel blessed that God has enabled me to blend my vocation and my avocations together.  I feel passionate about the services we provide to our clients and the lifelong friendships that I’ve made give me an incredible sense of contentment.  So, back to her question:  I think the way I feel about it is that I “get” to work.  I look forward to connections with clients as well as our team members at Summit.  I get energized thinking of the interactions I “get” to have with our clients.  The challenges of being involved with a growing business keep me seeking God as I’ve noticed an increased dependency upon Him, especially in a world with so much uncertainty.  I love what I get to do and am so thankful for the opportunities that the road ahead will provide.  And as Abby grows up, I hope she sees a Poppy who loves every aspect of life, even the work side.                 

Randy Morris ChFC, CFP®, AIF®