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2022 Summit Circle of Excellence Award Recipients

People often ask, "What makes Summit different than any other wealth management company?" Our response: "The team!" Our entire staff is made up of incredible talent, knowledge and experience, uniquely assembled to enable us to provide the highest level of service to our clients. 

The Circle of Excellence awards are a way we can highlight individual performance among our incredible team of employees, each category representing a different skillset. The 2022 Circle of Excellence recipients to date are listed below. Join us in congratulating these all-star employees!

Rockstar Rookie Award (New Employee)

Stephanie Brinkman - Scottsdale, AZ

Stephanie Brinkman - Scottsdale, AZ

Summit’s Rockstar Rookie Recognition is given to an individual that has made a huge impact in their first year of employment with Summit and exhibits the following qualities: 

  • Delivers a significant benefit or value to Summit
  • Places team goals above personal goals while achieving a distinctive result or product
  • Reliable, Flexible, Self-Motivated
  • Works with a variety of personalities, conditions, and willing to adapt to address unfamiliar or changing obstacles.
  • Work ethic is fueled by a personal desire to succeed, rather than drawn from an external source.
  • Emotionally invested in their work, which yields better outcomes.
  • When presented with a tricky problem, they are persistent and dig their teeth in rather than admitting defeat.
  • Make themselves understood and do not hesitate to ask others for clarification when necessary
Stephanie joined us in February of 2021 after moving to Scottsdale from Sioux Falls, South Dakota! She has quickly learned the industry and become the primary voice of Summit online. Most of the social media posts you see are posted by Stephanie, and she has been in charge of hosting/launching our podcast which was just released this week! (Find that here:

Stephanie has shown that she values and prioritizes teamwork, growth, accountability, being intentional in relationships, and in delivering an exceptional client experience.

We are so fortunate to have Stephanie as part of the Summit team. Congrats, Stephanie!

Green Thumb Award (Growth)

Connor Zimmer - Lakewood, CO

Connor Zimmer - Lakewood, CO

Learning and improving is a life-long process.  Employees learn from their failures and improve their skills. 

Summit’s Green Thumb Award is given to an individual who displays exemplary improvement at their respective work.  They display the eagerness to fuel the zeal amongst the other employees to rise above, paving the way towards continual improvement and by exhibiting the following qualities:

  • Putting in the extra effort to take their game to the next level
  • Ability to tackle big projects
  • Excel in their chosen area of focus
  • Drives excellence by fostering appreciation and strengthening relationships
  • Commitment to initiatives that support professional development

Connor is a huge asset to the Lakewood team, the Planning Department, and Summit. He continues to tackle big projects while helping the Lakewood office in any aspect he can. He participates in client meetings, which helps him get to know the clients better. In Connor’s short time with Summit, he has grown so much. Congrats, Connor!