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College Planning

Receiving a higher education is an exciting time for individuals. You have the opportunity to pursue a passion, and start on a path that hopefully will eventually lead to a fulfilling and successful career for you. That said, there's no denying the price tag for a college education is high and continues to grow.

With students often graduating with tens of thousands of debt, it makes sense to do a bit of planning to discover ways to lighten this financial burden. Thankfully there are many strategies we can utilize, both in terms of cost savings such as shopping around, applying for scholarships, tax favorable college savings plans such as state 529 plans, in addition to student loan debt repayment options to lessen the negative financial impact that college might have on you and your family. 

Whether it is you or a family member attending school, if it impacts your overall financial plan, rest assured this is an area we will cover in depth. We are here to help guide you through this exciting time of your life. 

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