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COVID-19 Prevention Measures at the Summit Meridian Office

If you are planning to visit Summit Wealth Group's Meridian, MS branch office in person in 2021, first of all, WELCOME! We are very happy to see you.

Please understand, due to our recent pandemic, some additional safety measures have been put in place to protect you and to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Thank you for helping us do our part to keep the health and safety of our team and clients a priority.


Are masks required to wear in the Meridian office?

No. Since state and local mask mandates have been lifted, mask are optional inside our Meridian office. If clients feel more comfortable wearing masks we will wear masks while they are in our office as well.  We have disposable masks in the office that clients can use if needed.

Is your office following any social distancing guidelines?

We are refraining from any handshaking or other physical contact unless approved by the client.  As far as seating, clients and staff will be seated on opposite sides of the table and at least 6 feet apart.

Are walk-ins welcomed at this time?

Yes! We are open for clients to walk in. However, people may consider calling before they come in order to minimize the possibility of having more than one client in the lobby/waiting area at a time.

Other important information to know

All meetings are staggered to minimize the amount of people in the lobby/waiting area at one time. Hand sanitizers is available for client use.