Your journey to the Summit

Comprehensive planning is foundational to reaching the summit in your financial journey. Too often people fall short of achieving their financial goals through poorly constructed financial plans, or worse, no plan at all.

When you work with a Summit advisor, there is an entire team of financial planning professionals who understand your unique financial situation and consider all aspects when developing your plan.

Our planning, backed by meticulous research, uses a hybrid approach that combines the industry’s highest quality software with the experience and discretion of the planning team. This means we are positioned to offer more comprehensive and complex plans so you can make life’s most critical financial decisions with confidence.

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Our Financial Plans

Base Camp

Base Camp

This is a great start for someone who is looking for guidance on how to start their financial journey, such as a recent college graduate or a young professional. This plan can include up to 3 of the following goals:

  • Financial counseling
  • College planning
  • Retirement planning – Including Social Security analysis
  • Debt pay down strategies
  • Cash Flow analysis
  • Other savings goals 

One-time fee: $500 (average)



This is a favorable option for someone who may have started saving and is looking for guidance on how to invest more intuitively and have their money working harder for them, such as newlyweds or young professionals. This plan can include up to 4 goals.

Common Goals (Includes options in Base Camp plus any of the following):

  • Risk analysis
  • Investment analysis (i.e. 401k allocation recommendation)
  • Tax saving strategies
  • Insurance policy review

One-time fee: $1,500 (average)



This comprehensive plan with simple to moderate complexity gives an in-depth look at all areas of your financial life and would be great for business owners, families, or those further along in their financial journey.

Common Goals (Includes options in Trailhead plus the following):

  • Pension analysis
  • Payout option analysis
  • Determine if plan is being adequately funded
  • Transitioning business owners (buyouts)
  • Review of estate planning documents

One-time fee: $3,000 (average)

Mount Everest

Mount Everest

More established business owners or executives are an ideal fit for this comprehensive plan which offers a higher degree of complexity.

Common Goals (Includes options in Excursion plus the following):

  • Coordination with your network of professionals including CPAs, attorneys, and insurance professional
  • Executive benefits coordination and review
  • Estate planning
  • Analysis of exercising, selling, and redeeming stock options, restrictive stock, and other executive benefit plans

Plans start at $5,000

Enhanced Tax Planning 

Enhanced Tax Planning 

This service is offered as an individual plan and in conjunction with one of the other Summit financial plans. For the maximum value, pair this with the Excursion or Mount Everest. Enhanced tax planning provides tax scenarios to help with financial decisions and is ideal for determining the tax impact of employer stock options, different saving strategies, or those considering a major financial decision such as selling a home.

Common Goals:

  • Estimating taxes
  • Fine-tune withdrawal strategies for tax efficiency
  • Capital gain optimization
  • Developing efficient tax savings strategies for retirement or other goals

One-time fee: $600 (average)

Ongoing Financial Planning:

For an annual fee, ongoing financial planning could include:

  • Continued financial coaching
  • Implementation accountability
  • Updates to plans as needed
  • Annual meetings

Annual fee: Varies

Getting Started is Easy

If you are new to Summit, we would welcome the chance to work with you. Here's how to get started:

  1. Schedule a Meeting 
  2. We Meet With You - In-person or through Zoom, we will connect you with one of our award-winning Financial Advisors from around the country. This is a complimentary 30-minute fact-finding meeting to get to know you and outline exactly how we can add value to your journey.
  3. We Put Together a Game Plan - This will clarify your journey to building wealth and financial contentment.
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