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Summit Accounting Solutions

About Summit Accounting Solutions

Headquartered in Lone Tree, Colo., Summit Accounting Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Summit Wealth Group. Our tax and accounting team at Summit Accounting Solutions specializes in small business accounting across the country, particularly in the dental industry. In addition to monthly or quarterly full-service accounting and tax services, our dental accounting and small business clients can take advantage of our personalized consulting services. Our in-depth knowledge and years of experience within the dental industry allows us to deliver elevated business solutions that are effective and tailored to your business goals. Specifically, our CPAs and financial advisors work with you through all stages of your business’ growth, offering services like business valuations, cost segregation analysis, practice transitions, fraud risk assessments, and more to give business owners peace of mind during every stage of their business development.


The Summit Wealth and Summit Accounting partnership is one that was forged years ago to benefit you. Now, you no longer have to be the middleman between your accountant and financial advisor. Our tax and accounting team works side-by-side with our financial planners to bring a more comprehensive approach in our service to you.

One Set Fee

We offer our accounting services under one set monthly fee, instead of charging hourly. This payment structure encourages clients to truly utilize all of our expertise, without feeling like they are on the clock. This encourages a close relationship with our clients, and allows us to be even more accessible and effective.


Summit’s most unique quality is that we show you the numbers, but in the context of what it actually means from a planning and strategic perspective. We interpret data to help you succeed in your business, while also taking into account your personal financial planning.


What is full-service accounting? It means we can take everything financial and accounting-related off your plate. 

  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Preparation
  • Business Consulting
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Personal Financial Planning

We are truly a one-stop shop in the financial services industry.

The Summit Wealth Group and Summit Accounting Solutions Relationship

At Summit Wealth Group, we provide comprehensive financial services, Which means our tax and accounting services under the same roof of our wealth management and financial planning services.

This is made possible through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Summit Accounting Solutions. Summit Accounting Solutions assists individuals, dentists, and business owners alike with full-service accounting, including but not limited to: tax planning, tax return preparation, dental accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, business and entity consultations, and business succession planning--just to name a few. We have experienced and professional CPAs on staff who are ready to help you complete your tax and accounting needs and goals.

Summit Wealth Group and Summit Accounting Solutions work together to seamlessly put you on a path toward financial contentment. In addition to our specialists on staff, we also work closely with experienced professionals in the industry that you can trust, including business consultants, attorneys, and brokers. Our desire is to help you reach your individual and business goals, and to help you navigate the path to a better, more secure future.

To learn more, please visit Summit Accounting Solutions' website at:

Meet the Summit Accounting Solutions Team

Summit Accounting Solutions is headquartered out of our Lone Tree, Colo. office, and, through our cutting-edge technology, we are able to service tax and accounting clients all over the country. We also have CPAs and Summit Accounting Solutions staff members in our Scottsdale, Ariz., Meridian, Miss., and Lakewood, Colo. offices. 

Disclosure: Tax preparation services provided by Summit Accounting Solutions are separate and unrelated to Commonwealth.