Podcast | Season 1 | Episode 51

The Description

What type of legacy do you want to leave behind? Jamie Cochran, CFP®, shares how you can figure this out in today’s mini-episode. 

Host: Jamie Cochran, CFP® | Financial Advisor 

Jamie joined Summit Wealth group recently after working as a financial advisor at a regional firm over the last decade. His career in the logistics field prior to joining the financial world opened up the opportunity for him to teach and train others. After graduate school, Jamie took this skill and applied it to guiding his clients through their own personal financial plans. Jamie and his team can clarify your options and help you make sound decisions, whether you’re retiring, running a business, or just getting started. Jamie also works with many medical professionals and regularly lectures at the Southern College of Optometry and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

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The Transcript 


"Jamie Cochran, Certified Financial Planner and Financial Advisor at Summit Wealth Group. Is the host of today's mini episode. Welcome to the reach your summit podcast."


"This week's financial tip is how can I leave a legacy? First off, you need to ask yourself, what does a legacy mean to you? The first thing that pops in a lot of people's mind is money, um, assets, a house.

And while those are a major part of someone's legacy, it's also, you know, how you were remembered. So, you know, really ask yourself, you know, how do you want those, uh, who you leave behind to, to remember you? And then you can kind of work backwards from there. So, uh, what we can help my clients do a lot of times is, you know, go through all their assets, go through all their liabilities, help organize things, make sure everything is titled properly.

That's the number one thing. You know, how is your house titled? Um, Transcribed How is any bank accounts titled? Do you have a spouse? Do you have children? Do you have work business partners that we need to make sure that upon someone's death it goes to the right person? Not just the titling but also beneficiaries listed on any type of retirement account 401k plan.

Always want to make sure those are up to date. Also making sure any wills or trusts are up to date and Uh, or executing your wishes. Um, also a letter of instruction upon your death. The will has to do with, you know, what happens to your stuff. But if you want everybody to maybe play a Van Halen album at your funeral or, you know, have a certain hymn sung or throw, uh, you know.

throw your ashes into a certain body of water. Well, you know, leave that in a letter of instruction along with your will. So you can make sure that that happens, but really your legacy is about how people remember you years down the road. And I always want to make sure that, um, I'm doing my best part, uh, to make sure my clients can have peace of mind when they are thinking about their, their future, their, their future generations and how they're going to be thinking about them."


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