Do Something Kind, Win an Amazon Gift Card!

In honor of Summit Wealth Group's 20th anniversary, our staff will be celebrating Random Act of Kindness Day by engaging in 20 straight days of Random Acts of Kindness. We invite you to join us!

Here's how it works:

  1. Commit to doing a random act of kindness between Thursday, February 17 and Wednesday, March 9. This could be big or small. See the list of ideas below if you aren't sure what to do!
  2. Take a photo. This could be a photo of any number of things. The idea is that we can use the photo to inspire others to take part in the campaign as well! Here are some ideas: Take a picture performing a random act of kindness. Create a sketch of the Random Act of Kindness logo above and take a selfie with it. Grab a free sticker at one of our branch offices and take a selfie with the sticker. Anything will work! 
  3. Share with us so we can inspire others! Submit your photo below along with a little story of what you are doing or plan to do.

And that's it! You will be automatically entered for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card. We will be posting some of the photos we receive on our social media channels to inspire others to take part in this campaign, and we will select 3 winners at random! Good luck, and happy Random Act of Kindness Days!

Not sure where to begin? Here are some ideas!

  • Pay it forward

  • Donate dog or cat food to an animal shelter 

  • Donate your time at a library or school reading books to the kiddos 

  • Lend a hand- Offer to help someone you see struggling 

  • Find unused toys, clothes, and blankets you can donate to a local charity 

  • Write a thank-you note to someone who makes a difference to you 

  • Write a note to a stranger i.e. someone in the military, at a nursing home or children’s hospital 

  • Donate your time to a local charity 

  • Use sidewalk chalk to write a positive message 

  • Make a home-baked good for a neighbor or friend 

  • Give an unexpected compliment to a stranger 

  • Support a small business 

  • Connect a charity to your Amazon account 

  • See if your local shelters have an Amazon wish list where you can send essentials 

  • Bring a smile to someone’s face 

  • Clean up a mess you didn’t make (i.e. pick up trash you see on the side of the road, clean up someone’s yard)

  • Snowplow someone’s driveway

  • Help someone carry their things (i.e. groceries to the car)

  • Help someone in need 

  • Make someone laugh 

  • Share with others 

  • Collect loose change and donate it 

  • Plant a tree 

  • Buy a warm meal for someone in need

  • Give an extra tip and write an encouraging note along with it 

  • Volunteer virtually 

  • Bring or send someone flowers 

  • Paint kindness rocks for your yard 

  • Bring coffee to a friend or coworker 

  • Hold the door/let someone go ahead of you in line 

  • Leave a friendly note where someone will find it 

  • Donate old blankets and pillows to a nearby animal shelter

  • Make a bird feeder for your yard

  • Leave a heads-up penny on the ground