Reach Your Summit

Life is a journey, full of ups and downs. A major component of the financial planning process we take each of our clients through is identifying their life goals. Nothing excites us more than when a financial or life goal you have set out for yourself comes to fruition. When you reach one these milestones -- whether it is becoming debt free, graduating college, reaching your retirement, taking that dream trip -- we like to call it reaching your individual Summit, and this is something we love to celebrate with you! Take a look at the Reaching Your Summit stories below, and be inspired!

Reach Your Summit Story - Evan Hvizdak

Evan recently reached the summit when he retired after 40 years in law enforcement. Although, his retirement doesn't look like most. Take a look and see how Evan is challenging the traditional definition of the word "retirement" and be inspired! 

Reach Your Summit Story - Angie Lee

Angie's Summit she was reaching for was one that came about somewhat unexpectedly. She was diagnosed with colon cancer at a young age. Watch as she explains what it was like to face that battle head on, and what the prognosis is for her future! 

Reach Your Summit Story - Dr. Bryce and Christina

After a lifetime dream of one day owning his own dental practice, Dr. Bryce recently reached that goal. In this video, Dr. Bryce and his wife Christina share their story, talk about the journey they went on as a family, and what life is like on top of the "Summit".