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Why Summit

The Summit Value Proposition

Financial services is far more than a career choice for us, it is a calling. Each of our staff is driven by the deeply held conviction that, at Summit, we are not simply providing financial advice, we are guiding people towards living their best life. Nothing is more energizing for us than to know that we are making a real and lasting impact with people!

What's Different About...

...Our Focus

Our focus is to help you define what fulfillment looks like to you, along with providing you with the tools to help you seek and achieve it. Customized, holistic financial planning and wealth management may sound boring, but the process is what we use to guide you towards reaching your fullest potential! 

...Who We Serve

We serve individuals, families, and business owners who have motivation, self-discipline, and the ability to trust our expertise to help guide them to their Summit, whatever that looks like to them.

Something we often see in the wealth management industry is firms only accepting clients with a minimum net worth. Our planning-first approach means we are structured to meet clients wherever they are at in their journey.

...Our Client Relationships

Beyond the professional relationship, we consider our clients to be some of our closest friends as well. Many of our clients frequent the same golf courses as we do, serve on the same boards, attend the same church. We host client events throughout the year to spend more time with our clients.

We find great fulfillment in the relationship aspect behind our work. Plus, knowing you on a personal level only increases our ability to provide advice that is truly in your best interest.

The Summit Client Experience

Check out the chart below to see why the client experience sets us apart. The bottom line is, we believe the key in providing an excellent client experience is through an active, consistent, and unwavering support for your journey to your Summit.

Industry Norm:

Summit Wealth Group:

Focus on investment products

Focus on financial guidance and life coaching

Business relationship

Personal relationship

Target clients with a minimum net worth

Target clients with a certain mentality 

Speak in financial terms

Educate our clients / make it easy to understand

Driven by dollars

Driven by purpose

2 advisors to 1 support staff

2 support staff to 1 advisor

List of services is limited

Tax and accounting in addition to wealth management

Consulting available for clients only

Consulting available for non-clients

Advisor role typically covers everything within the firm other than administrative work.

Team approach--our advisors outsource work to subject-matter-experts within Summit.