Welcome to Summit Wealth Group

Welcome to Summit Wealth Group

Hello! If you are on this page, chances are you were trying to navigate to the Adams Investment Strategies website, and you landed here. First, welcome! We are glad you are here. Adams Investment Strategies is now part of Summit Wealth Group which means this is now the website where you will:

  1. Access your accounts
  2. Learn about upcoming events and stay updated on what is happening around Summit
  3. Access resources such as blog articles, educational videos, and articles

We recommend clicking on the "Home" button above and bookmarking this website! 

Don't worry! The Adams Investment Strategies team can be found by navigating to the menu above and selecting "Locations" > "Tennessee | Nashville".

If you had not heard about this transition and would like to know more, click on the following link to learn more. 

The Nashville Team

While the name has changed, the team and location of Adams Investment Strategies remain the same. Most importantly, our team remains 100% committed to your success with a larger team and more resources to help you on your financial journey. To reach the Summit Wealth Group Nashville page, please follow the link below. 

Nashville Page