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Retirement Planning

As individuals prepare for the retirement phase of life, there are a number of income planning questions that must be addressed:

  • Life Expectancy -- Will I outlive my assets?
  • Inflation -- Will my asset growth keep up with inflation?
  • Asset Allocation -- Are my assets diversified, or am I exposing myself to unnecessary risk?
  • Health Care -- Am I prepared for health care costs?
  • Long Term Care -- What will happen if I need assisted living?
  • Savings -- Am I putting the right amount of money into the right saving vehicles?
  • Social Security -- Which social security benefit strategy is best for my situation?
  • Employee Benefits -- Am I taking full advantage of my employee benefits?
  • Withdrawals -- Am I withdrawing my assets in the most tax-advantageous manner?

Not only will we help you answer these questions, but we will help you put a written plan into place that will address each of these topics in depth. 

Retirement planning can get complex. There are endless amounts of strategies, planning opportunities, and ways to implement it in a tax-efficient way. However, at its core, retirement planning is knowing, with a significant degree of confidence, that you will have the financial resources to live out your retirement living years in the way you desire. We believe that working with Summit can provide contentment as you plan out these Golden Years. 

Approaching Retirement?

Many advisors in the industry give advice to their clients to take money out of stock market as they get closer to retirement. Our CEO, Randy Morris, disagrees with this approach. Take a look at the video to see why! 

Social Security: By the Numbers

Social Security: By the Numbers

Here are five facts about Social Security that might surprise you.
The Pre-Retirement Checklist

The Pre-Retirement Checklist

This checklist can give you a quick snapshot of how prepared you are.

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